180-FSC   Filter in Adapter

●Selectable filters (1490/ 1550nm)
●A filter is simply changed with the lever
●An external wavelength-filter is unnecessary
Suite for the photom optical power meters


Model 180-FSC 
Selection 1490nm   OPEN 1550nm
Wavelength  1490±10nm  - 1555±5nm 
Insertion loss ※1 Typ. 0.25dB   Typ.0.10dB Typ. 0.10dB ※2 
Operating environment -10〜+50℃、< 80%RH
Connector, Fiber ※3 SC Type, PC ferrule(φ2.5)
SM fiber 10/125
Dimensions, Weight 22.5(W)×20(D)×19(H)mm 、15g
Power Meter ※4
216, 211B, 212B, 213B
※1 Insertion loss is not a guaranteed performance. A value changes with kinds pf light sources.
※2 Insertion loss is not guaranteed although the light of long wavelength, such as 1625 & 1650nm, can be passed.
※3 Insertion loss will become large if an angled ferrule is used.
※4 "Model 219" and "Model 260" cannot be used.

180-BFA   For temporary connection with bare fiber.

590 590D 590S
●Special bending technology allows for reliable connections and protects fiber
  from excessive pressure.
●Unique self-alignment feature of glass-ceramic ferrule reduces connection loss.
●V-groove allows for easy alignment and damage- & dust-free connections.
●Slide mechanism allows for easy connection to power meters as well.
●Suitable for temporary connetion to power meter, OTDR, talk set, stable light
  sources and visible light source.
●Suitable for various connectors.
●Easy to replace and ferrule, easy to clean.


Model 180-BFA 
Fiber Power meter
 SM GI -
Connecting loss ※1 Typ. 0.3dB   Typ.0.2dB Direct connection 
Optical return loss ※1 <15dB -
Connector Type: FC
Suitable for FC,SC,ST,DIN connectors
(Using connecting-adapter.
SC-FC attached/Others are optional)
Fiber SM/GI fiber,
UV-code dia.250μm、grass dia.125μm 
Dimensions, Weight 75(W)×15(D)×25(H)mm 、25g(main body)
Accessories Case、SC-FC connectiong adapter,
Spare ferrules(2pcs), Instruction manual
 *1 When the barefiber's end is properly cleaved.

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